The preschool programs, for children ages three to five years, utilize both the Montessori and curricular approach, which encourages each individual child to pace their own development and learning in both a set atmosphere of freedom and a controlled environment of instruction.

All three levels (Casas) give special time and importance to the practical learning and work application of Personal Grooming, Care of the Environment, Sensorial and Social Tuning, Language and Math, and Cultural Arts (Botany, Zoology, History, and Geography); while at the same time cultivating the intellect for later Elementary School learning, through the ABC’s, 123’s, and basic reading and writing.

Each subsequent Casa builds up from the previous levels, ensuring that basics, proper habits, and values introduced early on are established.

Junior Casa

  • Tuning of fine motor skills through Montessori time in preparation for writing
  • Awareness of the environment and nature
  • Introduce the importance and value of proper hygiene and good grooming
  • Basic communication and social skills: Filipino and basic English
  • The alphabet, basic words, and basic numbers


Senior Casa

  • Development of writing skills: simple phrases and sentences.
  • Greater independence through Montessori time and practical learning.
  • Listening and speaking in English as a medium of instruction and communication.


Advanced Casa

  • Further development of speaking skills: short conversations and simple skits
  • Further development of writing skills: standard phrases and sentences.
  • Geography: awareness of different cultures, flags, nations, and countries.