Our elementary program offers Multi-Intelligence Learning Experiences (MILE) for children ages six to twelve years old, recognizing the individual needs and intellect of each child. The development of all the intelligences–musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and spatial– is part of our program towards excellence.

The core primary subjects, English, Language, Maths, Sciences, and the Cultural Arts, develop vital fundamental skills for complex problem solving, practical application, analysis, and logic formation. In the later year levels, simple concepts in algebra are introduced as advanced preparation for middle and high school.

Our science laboratory plays a vital role in helping the students grasp scientific concepts and theories practically. The computer classes introduce the students to the world of technology and practically applies the support, benefit, and basic potential it has for man.

Our Audio-Visual classes provide a specific time for the development of the art of speech and elocution, and dwells on the practical physiology of articulation and the nature of speech sounds. Techniques of effective pronunciation and speech expression are practically taught and immediately practiced using individual, interactive, state-of-the-art audio visual equipment.

Frequent scheduled class trips, Lakbay-Aral, are held a few times throughout the year to expose the students to learning beyond the walls of the school. Mostly educational, the students might go to the Mind Museum or to a zoo, to a theatrical play or simply to a shopping mall, giving them a holistic view and approach to life.

Our elementary education provides the tools that our children need to learn to think critically and pursue their hunger for learning. As they learn more of the basic concepts, they slowly develop their own logical and analytic dexterities.